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Defense Academy is the place to go to take your Jacksonville Concealed Weapons and Firearms Course. We use Certified Firearms Instructors and will give you the knowledge, and attitude to be a responsible firearms owner, and to carry a concealed firearm safely.


Making the decision to take the safety of yourself, your family and friends into your own hands and to better prepare for situations that may require you to take action, including deadly force is a huge decision, and an even bigger responsibility.


Defense Academy instructors will cover a wide variety of topics that'll make even a new shooter feel comfortable with firearms useage, and safety and will even teach something new to someone who's been shooting for years!

   Defense Academy holds a Florida Concealed Carry Course monthly at different locations in Jacksonville and surrounding areas. Check our schedule to see when we're having one close, and sign up!  


  • Florida Concealed Firearms Course
    This state-required course to obtain your Florida Concealed Weapons or Firearm License. This course covers firearm types, safety, storeage, loading, shooting, Florida Concealed Carry laws and required shooting qualification.

  • Firearms Safety Courses
    Defense Academy Jacksonville holds safety courses regularly which cover firearm safety, malfunctions of firearms and ammo, clearing malfunctions, common safety fails, firearm safe storeage, firearms with children in the home and more. 

  • Youth Firearms Safety In The Home
    If your child found a gun in your home would they know what to do? Stop! Don't Touch!  Run Away! Tell An Adult!  Defense Academy holds regular courses for Youth Firearm Safety in Jacksonville. We are also available to speak to youth groups, churches, sporting events, schools and more. Please contact us directly for info on how to schedule an instructor for an event.

  • Range Safety Services
    Defense Academy has Range Safety Officers who are available to assist in providing a safe, fun enviroment for shooting related activities. Activities such as youth shooting events, shooting course competitions and more. Contact us today to find out more about our Range Safety Services available in Jacksonville.

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